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designed specifically for employers’ continuing educational needs for their workforce, to retain talent, remain competitive, and enhance the benefits for their employees. The most notable feature of the PEP has yet to be replicated elsewhere in the country. Compared to similar educational programs, the (PEP) also provides Troy Chamber Member companies the opportunity to extend this exclusive tuition discount to the immediate family members of employees affiliated with the chamber. “We see our Troy Chamber member businesses continue to try and find ways to retain their workforce. My mother was a housekeeper at a hotel for over 20 years and never had any intention of going to college, but she would not have chosen early retirement if she knew working her job would have given me a substantial discount to achieve my educational goals. By opening this benefit to the spouses and children of our chamber members, we are creating more Education Incentives for Local Talent: Offering discounts on both undergraduate and graduate courses, professional development and continuing education at Walsh College, the PEP program is an affordable pathway for Michigan-based employees to enhance their skills and qualifications. Family-Inclusive Benefits: Extending educational discounts to the immediate family members of employees further roots the benefits within the community, encouraging long-term residency and career growth within the state. Resource for Small Businesses: Particularly beneficial for small businesses, PEP provides a competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent, contributing to a robust local economy. PEP’s Role in Fostering Michigan's Talent Pool: Troy Chamber President, Tara Tomcsik-Husak with Walsh College President, Suzy Siegle Now included with a Troy Chamber Membership All Chamber Member Companies and their Employees receive: 15% off Walsh College Graduate (master’s and doctoral) level courses/trainings, certificates, & CEUs 5% off Walsh College undergraduate-level courses/trainings 15% off Walsh College room rentals Complimentary booths at Walsh College Career Fairs opportunity in the region. Now employers will be able to add this educational discount to their benefits package to better hire and retain local talent. When you join the Troy Chamber, you are investing in a stronger local economy. “ said Tara Tomcsik-Husak, President & CEO of the Troy Chamber of Commerce. How it got started As the Troy Chamber of Commerce was looking for a new home for their headquarters, a new opportunity emerged. Every impactful initiative begins with a recognition of needs within a community and the inception of the PEP program is no exception. Suzy Siegle, President & CEO of Walsh College, suggested that the Troy Chamber move its headquarters to Walsh. This marked the inception of the Preferred Education Partnership recognizing a shared vision—a commitment to not only enhance the Troy business community but to also make higher education accessible and inclusive for individuals who might not typically have such an opportunity. Community and Career Growth: Facilities rental discounts and access to career fairs further integrate businesses and their employees into the thriving educational and professional landscape of Michigan.