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Educational Empowerment to Employee Retention and Business Growth In business, individuals are both the most valuable and the most significant expense. The opportunities are endless if we prioritize the people who form the backbone of any successful business. Through providing discounts on undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education classes, the PEP actively helps businesses in enhancing the skills of their workforce. The result? A business landscape that is more competitive and resilient, capable of navigating the challenges posed by an ever-evolving economic environment. As we examine the layers of impact of this program, it becomes evident that its benefits extend far beyond educational pursuits and discounted tuition to Troy chamber members, businesses, and more importantly, the individuals they employ. It constitutes the essential foundation of any flourishing community, and the PEP acts as a valuable resource for fortifying this foundation. So, what sets the Preferred Education Partnership apart as a transformative force for Troy and the broader southeast region of Michigan? It exceeds the mere offering of discounted courses, it revolves around establishing inclusive access to education, cultivating an atmosphere of economic development, and fostering a community of well-informed, engaged, and empowered individuals. Walsh providing both in-person, hybrid, and online learning to students To learn more about the Preferred Education Partnership (PEP): “Anytime you increase educational access and opportunity, you will have economic growth,” said Suzy Siegle. “When you provide access to education in an area, you will see business growth, innovation, and new verticals being created.”