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CONNECTING TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE midst economic challenges and the quest for talent retention, Walsh College and the Troy Chamber of Commerce have A Walsh College and the Troy Chamber of Commerce partner to launch innovative one-of-a-kind education program aimed at helping Michigan businesses gain and retain talent joined forces to launch a new and innovative program called the Preferred Education Partnership (PEP). This pioneering program is aimed at not only supporting businesses during tough economic times but also with growing and retaining talent here in our region. PEP stands as a strategic initiative to train and grow local talent, reinforcing Michigan's position as a hub for skilled professionals. By engaging businesses to offer access to educational benefits, Walsh College and the Troy Chamber are creating an investment in the future of Michigan’s workforce. By including families in the equation, they are also ensuring as employees and their families continue to advance in their careers and education, they will also continue to contribute to the state's economic and social fabric. Suzy Siegle, President of Walsh College, emphasizes the impact of this partnership, “At Walsh College, we know the power education has in transforming lives and communities. The PEP program furthers our commitment to Michigan's businesses and their employees, offering them a ladder to climb higher in their professional journeys while deepening talent growth in Michigan.” Photo from Left to Right: Brad Byrnes, Owner of SunByrnes Properties and Construction; Suzy Siegle, President and CEO of Walsh College; City of Troy, Mayor Ethan Baker; along with Troy Chamber Team: Tara Tomcsik-Husak, Sheila Denstaedt, Sydney Dych, Isabella Marzec, Evan Rinaldi, and Jody House. Photo Credit : Wayne Norman Photography Written by: Isabella Marzec & Sydney Dych Forward by: Andrea Walker- Leidy What is the Preferred Education Partnership (PEP)? The Preferred Education Partnership (PEP) provides businesses access to higher education at a discounted rate to help enhance the Troy business community. This unique collaboration provides notable cost reductions on both graduate and undergraduate courses to Troy Chamber member companies, their employees, and the opportunity to extend the discount to the employees’ immediate family members. In addition, businesses can communicate their educational needs with the Chamber and Walsh teams to find targeted classes and CEUs